QUANTUM LEAP, cu Glenn McQueenie | Transforma-ti viata! | APAIR

QUANTUM LEAP, cu Glenn McQueenie | Transforma-ti viata!

07.04.2022 13:00 la 07.04.2022 18:00 (Europe/Bucharest)

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7 Aprilie | 13:00-18:00
QUANTUM LEAP, cu Glenn McQueenie | Transforma-ti viata!

*un curs de dezvoltare personala care a schimbat viata a mii de oameni.

Despre curs: 
Developed by Gary Keller, co-founder and chairman of the board of Keller Williams Realty, Quantum Leap digs into the power principles and disciplines that can help anyone achieve a more abundant life. In this profound course, you’ll find usable models and practical exercises, as well as make pertinent discoveries to uncover the keys to living with purpose and direction. If you want to capitalize on your personal power and expand your life, this course is for you!
Is there someone who is part of your life who would want to transform with you? They can attend too!


✅Develop your personal road map for expanding your life with purpose, direction and personal power.

✅Bring clarity and intention to your choices and actions.

✅Understand how to balance learning, working and playing in your life right now.


Cine poate participa:

Everyone who wants to transform their life!


10 lucruri pe care le vei afla in cadrul cursului:

1️⃣ The only way to make more money is to change your thinking ( not time)

2️⃣ You need to make 3 times your monthly lifestyle cost to build wealth

3️⃣ Your core discipline every day is to talk to people

4️⃣ Self-mastery is just your ability to change behavior and get out of the bad habits

5️⃣ You must mind your mind. Focus everything on your high talent zones, and stay on your strengths, not weaknesses

6️⃣ Focus on getting out of your own way…get a coach…if you could have done it yourself, you would have done it already

7️⃣ Fail Forward

8️⃣ The marketplace rewards what you innovate, not repeat.

9️⃣ If you’re broke, it’s your own fault. Now let’s change it.

1️⃣0️⃣ Life gets simpler when you just focus and become great at a few things.

Important de stiut:

  • Cursul se va sustine ONLINE, in lb. Engleza. 

  • Speaker: Glen McQueenie; Co-prezentator: Ileana Preda;

Acest curs vine in sustinerea campaniei "OAMENI pentru OAMENI". Toti banii stransi din acest curs vor fi directionati campaniei umanitare de sustinere a refugiatilor din Ucraina.

Obiectivul nostru: este de a strânge 10.000 euro, bani care vor fi donați exclusiv campaniei "OAMENI pentru OAMENI"


Din 07.04.2022 13:00
La 07.04.2022 18:00


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